"I want to write you a poem"

I’m going to write about the butterflies I get

Every time you write to me

I’m going to write about the times I watched you smile

In reaction to my voice

I’m going to write about every memory

Clenched between sheets

And buried underneath pillows

That swim in your scent

So when I close my eyes

It’ll feel like you’re beside me all over again

Tangled within experiences

I caught myself catching your eye

Those eyes that caught mine

Those eyes

Our eyes

Locked in between moments of unbearable happiness and something in disguise

Something that I despised

Something I put minimal effort in

Maybe it’s because of this

I want to write you a poem

A poem that will reveal a similar pleasure

To the pleasure a mother feels

When her baby speaks their first words

Or takes their first step

Treasured and welcomed into a new world

Of common sense, a mathematical sense

Because of what I sensed

I didn’t want to get attached

Here was my thought

One repeats itself 12 times until it reaches 100

But too keep it 100

I’m not a number

You won’t be able to multiply me

For they don’t come like what you see

In front of you

You won’t be able to add any sense

To my two cents

Cause my philosophy is already set

To my experiences

You won’t be able to divide something that’s already separated from the world

And broken down to its simplest form

You can’t ever take away my value

I am no ones variable

I am no ones tutor

No explanations will ever be given

Even when you don’t understand my humor

The consumer, won’t produce for you

But will produce for the reflection

Reflecting its needs and wants

And will begin to flaunt

The expectations

But you were way more than what I expected

You were late night calls for hours

You were good morning text messages

You were my battery

You powered me for the unexpected

You were the unpredictable comebacks

That turned me into a tomato

So, I want to write you a poem

To turn the tables

And keep this tornado stable

My wall you disabled

My emotions you enabled

This will never be labeled


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